Spamming links on wordpress platform

I looked at SEO the first time as the bible that only few privileged people could access.

That is not so true, SEO today is first of all a scam. If it could be otherwise then all the websites would be first in the queries. That’s why most of the companies that work in SEO offer a payment option only if the result is reached and that’s why they ask for a maintenance fee if the website wants to stay at the top.

There are software that do repetitive jobs whose objective is to create links. I will not start here a discussion about if and how this can be wrong, not necessarily from a ethic point of view, but from a technical (SEO) point of view.

But if you had the chance and the curiosity to read this blog you should notice that there is a comment somewhere thanking me about the blog itself.

It’s a SEO operation, a spider reaches my website, realizes that i use wordpress and looks for the comment link. Then it does what the idiot behind the software considers as a genius idea, while actually is a huge demonstration of lack of skills: writes a compliment.

Yea, the comments are taken from a library of comments whose scope is to flatter the blogger, since that is, in the mind of the likely russian or chinese idiot that did it, a way to grant the comment higher chances to avoid to be erased.

It adds some other cherries to make sure the chances to survive a review are higher, it does not include a link in the comment body, but just in the website field, it uses a first and last name (who would do that on internet except an idiot?).

Theoretically the website field is part of the comment form, is supposed to be a nofollow link but honestly i do not have time to check if that’s properly implemented on wordpress, but also if it is a nofollow, and that is the most scaring part, they write the website link in any case.

It’s not exactly for a lack of feature in the spamming software, but it confirms a doubt i always had.

The rule says that google does not follow the “nofollow” link and does not send any pagerank to a nofollow link, but are we sure about that? NO.

Other search engines? i do not know, but i will never believe that the google crawler ignores a nofollow link, no way.

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